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All types of alcohol products like desi liquor, beer,wine,rum,etc.

Surari treats habitual addiction of all types of alcohol products like country liquor, beer, wine, rum, etc…

Herbal Formula for Removal of Alcohol Addiction

Surari Treat Habitual Addiction, it includes all types of alcohol products like Country liquor, beer, Wine, Rum, etc.

Surari is an herbal mixture of rare herbs to detoxify the blood and remove toxins from within the body. It is one of the best detox remedies & can be given in many complicated diseases also. Surari include 30 herbs all designed to work together synergistically to achieve a desired result. The herb Kudzu increases the bile production whereas Jyotismati and Malkagni improve liver function. Its extract protects the cells of the liver by both blocking the entrance of harmful toxins. Also helps remove these toxins from the liver cells. It has also been reported to regenerate injured liver cells. This herb focuses on dispersing from the body the residual alcohol by inducing a slight sweat through which the alcohol toxins are said to pass out of the body.

Major Contents of Surari Churna

Vidarikand (Kudzu):

Kudzu has traditionally been used as a remedy for alcoholism. The root is used to prevent excessive consumption, while the flower is supposed to detoxify the liver and alleviate the symptoms afterwards.


People who consume excessive alcohol develop discomfort in the stomach, in this condition. It will reduce the craving and desire for alcohol in any form.


There is a lack of reliable hepatoprotective drugs in modern medicine to prevent and treat drug-induced liver damage. Jyotismati is used traditionally for their hepatoprotective effect. Jyotismati shows significant hepatoprotective activity and synergism with silymarin.


Herbal Formula for removal of Alcohol Addiction


Surari Treat Habitual Addiction of all types of alcohol products like country, liquor, beer, wine, rum, etc.


Daily 1 Pouch after mixing it up with any type of food before or after having liquor.


45 gm Churna

Surari Churna treat Habitual Addiction, it includes Alcohol & Nicotine Addiction .

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