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Herbal remedy to control diabetes

Diab Hari helps to improve the peripheral utilization of glucose in the body and helps to increase the hepatic & muscle glycogen content.

Daib Hari Churna is a combination of proven anti-diabetics medicine fortified with potent immuno-modulators, antithyperlipidemics, anti stress and hepatic protective’s of total plant origin and the formulation of Diab Hari Churna is based on ancient Ayurvedic references, further corroborated through research and clinical trials. Diab Hari acts on control factors and pathways leading to diabetes mellitus. Synthetic anti-diabetics act on one site in only one way. It is the only drug to correct the cause as well as effects besides the condition itself. Daib Hari Churna helps to improve the peripheral utilization of glucose in the body and helps to increase the hepatic and muscle glycogen content. It promotes beta cells repair and regeneration and therefore helps to increases the C peptide level.

Diab Hari Churna is a natural Ayurvedic herbal medicine for Diabetic patients without any side effects. Diabetes will be controlled by using the medicine for 90 days continuously. This medicine aims at re-generating the destroyed beta-cells and thereby producing the required quantity of insulin which keeps the sugar level in the blood normal.

Major Contents of Daib Hari Churna

Jamun Powder: Jamun has been found useful in improving the functions of the pancreas. Astringent property of Jamun helps to bring about healthy blood sugar control and also control excessive urination in Diabetes.

Karela Beej (Momoridica Charantia): It contains a hypoglycaemic or insulin-like principle, designated as plant-’insulin’ which has been found highly beneficial in lowering the blood and urine sugar levels.

Neem (Azadiractha Indica): Neem leaf extracts are used as an active ingredients as an effective cure for diabetes. it improves the blood circulation by dilating the blood vessels and also helpful in reducing the need for hypo-glycaemia drugs. it helps to reduce the insulin requirement and also to lower the blood glucose cells.

Some of the herbs such as Methi, Kala Jeera, Bel Patra, Kutal, Triphala, Tulsi Patra, in Diab-hari Churna are proven internationally to keep the blood sugar down and in the long term, stimulates the body’s own insulin secretion. It helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. It helps to remove blocks of Ama and helping to rectify catabolic effects on the pancreas due to excess Vata.With persistance and patience, lasting results can be acheived through herbal remedies and good daily routines. Methi contains six compounds that help to regulate blood sugar levels, as well as a soluble fibre called mucilage.

Highlights :

Diab Hari churna is proven medicine to keep the blood sugar in normal level.

Dose :

One Pouch after breakfast and one pouch after dinner every day with water.

Presentation :

135 gms. churna

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